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"A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies... The man who never reads lives only one."

- George R.R. Martin

Larteh Community Library and Cultural Center - NGO

We promote reading and preserve cultural heritage amongst all rising future leaders

LACOLT is a Non-Governmental Organization which happens to be an initiative of Trend Vogue, spearheaded by Rita and Nana Kwasi. LACOLT has been in existence as a Non-Governmental Organization for over a decade now.

Two amongst the numerous problems bothering most people in Akuapim North are; the drastic fall in academics due to lesser presence of ultra-modern educational structures and the fact that mordinity has gradually led to the diminishing of the richness of the Akuapim culture.

Trend Vogue in collaboration with Larteh community leaders proposed a solution to curb these problems thus leading to the birth of LACOLT.

Proposed Solution (LACOLT)

How LACOLT Is Rapidly Changing The Lives Of Young Children In Akuapim-North

Arising The Passion For READING Amongst CHILDREN

Trend Vogue in partnership with Nana Kwasi Asante and community leaders of Larteh are seriously committed to promoting reading amongst young ones between the ages of 4 to 15

Do You Really Think You Can Read Challenge

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  •  Akuapim-North District,ER

To start with, LACOLT has tasked itself to stay committed to being of constant help to children who fall within the age bracket of 4 to 15 years. These children are presumed to be at the Basic Education level (thus, from Kindergarten 1 all the way to Junior High School 3). In attempt to make this dream a reality, LACOLT structured series of educational programs and successfully partnered with the traditional leaders in Larteh who agreed to release the town's community centre as an assembly point. Our first educational project was dubbed "Do You Really Think You Can Read" which wonderfully turned out to be nothing but a fat success. This initiative was first implemented within the year 2016 and since then, has been repeated once annually

(Pictures Of The Event)

Madam Rita

Do You Really Think You Can Read Challenge Contd.

Reading books for both English and the main local languages (Akuapim Twi & Larteh) were procured for the event. Traditional leaders, educationists, retired teachers, ex-servicemen amongst a few other reading loving stakeholders were invited and sheduled to read and discuss with the children. Some popular books read under the event were:

  1. An Encyclopedia of the World - by William L. Langer
  2. Rainbow in the cloud - Maya Angelou (Endorsed by Barack Obama)
Afterwards, there was a mentorship session where these educationists shared their life experiences and most importantly, how they finally developed their passion for reading against all odds. So many dignitaries were present, including the founding president of Central University College and the current President and CEO of Regent University College of Science and Technology Rev. Dr. Emmanuel Kingsley Larbi. These strategies were all geared towards generating the interest of reading amongst children and also give them the opportunity to socialize, most especially with elders and other mentors.

Madam Rita

  • Cost(2021)
  • GHC30,000.00

Support the "Do You Think You Can Read Project"

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  • Akuapim-North District, ER

For over four years from now (2020), Trend Vogue togerther with the larteh community leaders have been the only funders of the Do You Think You Can Read Project. We would really appreciate your support in any way possible. To volunteer or support our initiative, contact me below and lets see how best we can contribute to the lives of these wonderful kids in Akuapim-North District. Also the estimated for the next event is provided on the image above. We are counting on your support to help make this program a success.

Thank You

Nana Kwasi Asante



LARTEH is a guan community on the Akuapim Ridge with a rich cultural heritage. The language of the people of Larteh is unique and binds them togerther. However, mordinity is gradually adulterating the richness and deepness of the language and this has become a worry to the Chiefs and Elders of the land. This is especially a bother, when one considers the fact that; cultural heritage which language plays a key role in will be handed to the youth who are supposedly future leaders.

LACOLT believes culture is a way of life that should be preserved and most importantly, passed down from generations to generations.

In view of this, LACOLT deviced certain measures to make sure young children in Akwapim-North remained physically and mentally nourished culturewise right from their grassroot.

Nana Kwasi Asante



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  • Akuapim-North District, ER

LACOLT preserves culture amongst young children at the primary level by providing cultural amenities such as the talking drum, cultural books written by local authors with rich cultural background and in the local language. Tutors have also been employed to teach these young ones how to communicate properly through language and drumming. Last but not the least, tutors teach these children how to read and write within their native language as well.


In addition, LACOLT has put in numerous measures in place just to achieve this objective. At least, once every month, LACOLT visits neighboring primary schools within Akwapim-North just to teach students about the cutural heritage of the land.

Picture of Nana Kwasi

Nana Kwasi Asante



...Souvenirs such as books and pencils and pens are then awarded to students who show much interest and participate the most. This act has gone on for over six years now.


LACOLT organizes Cultural Programs for young children. For example one cultural program conducted two years ago dubbed Cultural Fest.

These programs seek to enrich young ones with quality culture which would allow them fit into society with ease. During this program, they are taught the lands customs and their meanings, how to properly greet and relate to the elderly, how to behave within the public, how to address strangers, how to talk when found within the Chief's Palace and other places.

Madam Rita


Our Mission and Objectives


Larteh community library and cultural center exists to ensure the empowerment of young ones through quality education.

Why young ones?

This is because we believe children are the leaders of the future; meaning the ones who will take control of matters when we are no more. Therefore, there is a need to provide them with the adequate foundation necessary to propel them to spearhead this task to the next level. We also believe quality education should be available to all. (Whether rich or poor), all should have a proper foundation to tune the mind within the right direction.

We promote reading and preserve cultural heritage amongst all rising future leaders

Our culture is nothing to be ashamed of not to say, despised. Therefore LACOLT seeks to provide constant practical education on our cultural heritage not just for young children within the Akwapim-North District but our mission is to enlarge to cover the whole nation.

Our Mission and Objectives





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Programs Organized So Far


Events LineUp For 2021

23RD MAR 2021

Do You Think You Can Read Challenge

LACOLT in partnership with Larteh Community Chiefs promises next year's reading event to be more fun and intuitive. Anticipate! Also, make it a point to join us.

Larteh Community Center

Coming Soon

Cultural Fest

Cultural fest is not yet fully planned, we call on your support to help make this program a successful one. LACOLT and the children within Akuapim-North are counting on your S-U-P-P-O-R-T to contribute in making this dream a reality.

Larteh Community Center